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Course Crave is an online course discovery platform. It features a curated directory of elearning materials for entrepreneurs, freelancers, side hustlers, be-your-own-bossers, and work from home enthusiasts. Here, you will be able to find and access a wealth of free and paid online courses under one roof. These courses have been created by expert course creators found throughout the web, many of whom have also contributed to Course Crave by sharing their expertise in blog posts in the blog section of this website. Along with discovering their courses, you will also be able to glean valuable business tips and strategies when learning through their amazing content on this site. You will also learn how you can connect with these course creators so that you will be able to benefit from their expertise in other ways. 

The goal of Course Crave is to be a place where expert course creators can gain further visibility for their online courses, while entrepreneurs can find courses and tips to help start or grow their businesses. The online training featured on Course Crave have been carefully curated to help you grow in knowledge and success. Hundreds of hours have been spent exploring every nook and cranny of the internet to uncover an abundance of elearning resources. You will find a gallery of courses ranging in anything from how to start a blog, to how to succeed at digital marketing, to how to start a virtual assistant business, and many more. Whether you are well on your way, brand new to the online world or somewhere in between, you will likely find a course that suits your needs. Courses are added regularly so check often. We are on a continuous quest to discover new online courses that could be beneficial to you. By spending time on Course Crave you may even discover a new business,  career path or work from home opportunity!

In order to provide a valuable buying guide the courses featured on Course Crave have been through a careful selection process. In addition, whenever possible course reviews from throughout the internet have been found and analyzed. Striving to provide an unbiased guide, any opinions presented about paid courses will be provided from others and not from the writers of this website. One of the most valuable features on this site is the opportunity for others (including yourself) to submit honest reviews of courses that have been taken for the benefit of those looking for a suitable course.

Please note that this website contains affiliate links. If you visit the website and make a purchase through one of these links, Course Crave may receive a commission. This helps keep Course Crave running at no extra cost to you.

We strive to save you time and money by helping to make your course buying decisions easier. Spend some time time exploring course categories to find a course that best fits your learning style and brings you the greatest business success. We hope that Course Crave gives you some clarity and enables you to make the best buying choice for your next online course!

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Hi, I’m Sarah, the mind and heart behind Course Crave. I created this platform to fill a gap I saw in the online course world. As an entrepreneur myself, I had found myself searching randomly online for the courses I needed, only to later discover that I had just scratched the surface of what was actually available. When I realized that I could have chosen more suitable courses, if I had been aware of all the options, I thought that there must be a better way. This, combined with a growing love for online learning that developed through working for an elearning specialist, (I dream of taking online courses as a full-time job!), started the seed of an idea that has now grown into Course Crave. 

Grateful for the opportunity to be my own boss, I would like to support others in doing the same. My passion is to help course creators gain more visibility for their courses, while helping entrepreneurs find the courses that are the best fit for them. I love to use my stellar research skills to uncover new courses and am extremely proud to showcase all the amazing work that brilliant course creators have accomplished.

Some of the things I enjoy most in life are listening to my children laugh, walking in the sun, eating handfuls of fresh picked summer fruit, reading as many library books as I can, trying out new kinds of tea, and going on quick getaways with my husband.  

I love to connect and collaborate with others, fully believing in community over competition. I would be so happy to hear from you at hello at coursecrave dot com.

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