Are you wondering if you can really make money from blogging? The answer is yes! There are so many successful bloggers that make money with their blogs or websites. 

But gaining momentum for a new website or blog can be hard. However, I’m convinced that not giving up early on and trying new things is the key to success. 

I don’t know about you but I always love to hear stories of how others have become successful online.. Not only is it encouraging to hear how they have created opportunity for themselves but it also helps in providing motivation to keep going!

I have created a list of income reports from 2019 and earlier to show you the secrets of successful bloggers that make money. 

This list contains a variety of types of online business and blogs, as well as a variety of income sources used for monetization. For most listed, you will find their income, expenses, net profit and traffic pageview statistics. You may also follow the link to their income report page to learn more about their journey and hear what has and hasn’t worked for them as they share how they have made money blogging and what their secrets are.

I have included many well established bloggers who have a lot of traffic and make a lot of money with their blog but have purposely not focused on all the top bloggers who are more well known. I have done this to give a realistic picture of what can be achieved by a blogger or entrepreneur who is in the early or mid-way stages of blogging. And to further this, I have also included some newer, smaller blogs to give you an idea of the journey it takes to create a blog that makes money.

There is definitely not just one recipe for success. There is much to be learned from bloggers that make money in terms of the ways they have established ongoing income through their sites. At many of the income report links you will hear their blogging money making secrets and also find stories of struggle, failure, frustrations and success. 

I actually found it a super interesting and valuable exercise to take a look into what has been working for these bloggers and entrepreneurs. It ended up taking me a really long time to compile this income report list of bloggers that make money as I couldn’t help but spend extra time reading the valuable insights that each report contained. 

It is also interesting to see what the income potential is of specific niches, so if you are looking for a profitable niche idea for a blog or website check out the sneak peeks that these bloggers offer. 



Chelsea Clarke of HerPaperRoute blogs about money and entrepreneurship. She has been a professional marketing strategist and blogger for over 10 years. As I have been following her, I am always amazed with how much she continually accomplishes on her own. She is truly inspiring! If you would love to learn Chelsea’s successful strategies, check out her courses here. In addition to the June 2019 income report, she has just published a 2019 expense report where she describes her 2019 expenses ($31,690) and income (about $160,000) and what has worked and what hasn’t worked for her in terms of marketing and blog promotion.

June 2019 Income: $12,972

June 2019 Traffic: 41,232 pageviews

Chelsea also sold one of her blogs for $50,000 in June, increasing her income to $62,972.

Ryan Robinson

Ryan Robinson blogs about how to start a blog or side business. In this report, Ryan breaks down his expenses and income sources, shares his new subscriber number, and lets us know what his most popular posts were.

October 2019 Income: $21,200.09. 

October 2019 Expenses: $9,832.62

October 2019 Net Profit: $11,367.47

October 2019 Traffic: 459, 996 readers

Finsavvy Panda

At Finsavvy Panda, Ling blogs about money and personal finance. This income report is from her 16th month of blogging. Along with a breakdown of her stats, she shares some helpful tips for new bloggers.

February 2019 Income: $7,498.94

February 2019 Expenses: $256.00

February 2019 Net Profit: $7,242.94

February 2019 Traffic: 109,107 pageviews


The Fab20s is blog is focused on helping the average busy Millennial make the most of her twenties. This income report is from Claudia’s 12 month of blogging. Along with her stats from October she also states her income from each month of the 11 prior months and where she gets most of her traffic from. 

October 2019 Income: $5,187.98

October 2019 Expenses: $22.98

October 2019 Net Profit: $5,165.00

October 2019 Traffic: 108,543 pageviews

Breaking the One Percent

At Breaking the One Percent, Jeff and Ben blog about what they’ve learned about blogging and business. This income report was written on day 1475 of blogging. I love how this post shows the income they have earned from the beginning…you might be surprised and a bit encouraged to keep going despite slow growth when you see how their first year went! 

February 2019 Income: $167,390

February 2019 Expenses: $67,746

February 2019 Net Profit: $99,644


At Crochetpreneur, Pam blogs about crocheting and shares crochet biz tips. She shows how and why she diversifies her monetization methods with her handmade business.

November 2019 income: $17,295.02

November 2019 Expenses: $2,369.23

November 2019 Net Profit: $14,925.79

Chic Pursuit

At Chic Pursuit, Maria focuses on helping fashion and lifestyle bloggers to start, grow, and make more money in their business. In this income report, Maria shares where her revenue came from and how she gets most of her traffic.

October 2019 Income: $5,823.23

October 2019 Expenses: 1,119.52

October 2019 Net Profit: $4,703.71

October 2019 Traffic: 111,935 pageviews

Thyme and Joy

Thyme and Joy is a food blog written by personal chef and recipe developer Valerie. Along with this July 2019 income report, she also shares her income from her previous months of blogging dating back to February 2018. It is helpful to see the slow but steady growth that she has had, as well as her thoughts about some noteworthy things that have happened in her business during that month. 

July 2019 Income: $1,754.04

Went Here 8 This

Went Here 8 This is a food blog written by Danielle. With the view that you need to spend money to make money, Danielle shares about the investments she has made for her blog. She started her blog in October 2016 but didn’t really feel like she knew what she was doing until mid way through October 2018. I loved seeing the breakdown in this report of where her traffic came from.

October 2019 Income: $2,511.64

October 2019 Expenses: $1,024.30

October 2019 Net Profit: $1487.34

October 2019 Traffic: 63,171 pageviews

Kate Kordsmeier

In this income report, Kate shares her income from another website she runs called Root and Revel. Kate has been blogging for over four years. She shares some setbacks she has had and lessons she has learned along the way, as well as the numbers from her top ten traffic sources. 

October 2019 Income: $15,167.79

October 2019 Expenses: $16,856.95

October 2019 Net Profit: $1,689.25

October 2019 Traffic: 138,726 pageviews

The Atlas Heart

The Atlas Heart is a travel blog run by Mimi. In this income report, she shares how she doubled her income from September. 

October 2019 Income: $831.27

October 2019 Expenses: $835.50

October 2019 Net Profit: -$4.23

October 2019 Traffic: 25,594 pageviews


Entrepreneurs on Fire is a podcast by John Lee Dumas. If you would love to learn from his expertise, check out his free Podcasters’ Paradise training.

October 2019 Income: $182,208

October 2019 Expenses: $25,854

October 2019 Net Profit: $156,354

bloggers that make money

Liana Desu

Liana shares her makeup journey on her blog. This is her 16th month of making money from blogging but she has been blogging since early 2016, and started taking blogging seriously in July of 2018. In this income report, she shares her struggles with Pinterest and content creation.

October 2019 Income: $2,078.53

October 2019 Expenses: $0

October 2019 Net Profit: $2,078.53

October 2019 Traffic: 68,212 pageviews

Midwest Foodie

Midwest Foodie is a food blog run by Kylie. In this income report, she shares her journey from when she first started blogging. She reached her goal of over 100,000 pageviews which was up from 29,467 pageviews in October 2018. She explains how she will be in the red for the year despite her income.

October 2019 Income: $1,324.75

October 2019 Expenses: $572

October 2019 Net Profit: $752.75

October 2019 Traffic: 101,567 pageviews

Miranda Nahmias

Miranda Nahmias is a systematic marketing expert for female online service providers. This income report is a bit different from some of the others because it is not focused solely on blogging income. Miranda provides social media services to entrepreneurs in the way of social media packages and hourly client work. She also offers a great free Build Your Biz Bootcamp which walks through the steps required to get set up online.

October 2019 Income: $22,996.71

October 2019 Expenses: $15,284.99

October 2019 Net Profit: $12,608.20

October 2019 Traffic: 8,137 pageviews

Ordinary Parents

Ordinary Parents is a blog run by Aileen. October 2019 was her fourth month blogging. Although Aileen’s income isn’t very high, her traffic with such a new blog is impressive. In this report, she explains how she gained this traffic in a few short months.

October 2019 Income: $48.85

October 2019 Traffic: 25,276 pageviews

The Introvert Coach

Tara offers her social media, marketing and virtual assistant services to help other entrepreneurs grow their small business. Although she blogs at The Introvert Coach, most of her income was made with monthly clients. In this report, she also shares whether she hit or missed her goals for the month.

November 2019 Income: $9,619.30

November 2019 Expenses: $4,541.09

November 2019 Net Profit: $5,078.21

Create and Go 

The owners of Create and Go also blog at Avocadu. The stats below reflect the numbers from both sites. In this post they state that they started Avocadu in September of 2015 and started making money with it in January of 2016.

November 2019 Income: $154,792.51

Local Adventurer 

Local Adventurer is run by travel bloggers Esther and Jacob. Esther started the blog 6 years ago. In this report they share how the majority of their previous income was through affiliate sales but has since been shifted to sponsored content. 

October 2019 Income: $41,003.65

October 2019 Expenses: $8,854.47

October 2019 Net Profit: $32,149.18

October 2019 Traffic: 541,829 pageviews

Paige Brunton 

Paige is an online business educator who helps others build their business through her blog, podcast and courses. Paige’s income report is unique in that the majority of her income has come from her own online courses and also that her traffic is relatively low in comparison to her income earned. 

November 2019 Income: $86,845.98

November 2019 Traffic: 27,579 sessions

Let’s Reach Success 

Let’s Reach Success is run by Lidiya who is a full-time blogger and lifestyle designer. Her blog is a self-improvement blog that she started 5 years ago. 

October 2019 Income: $5,178

October 2019 Traffic: 111,961 pageviews

It’s a Lovely Life 

It’s a Lovely Life was started by the Reese Family a few years ago. On this family and lifestyle blog, they share their family adventures and help others create their own online businesses. 

August 2019 Income: $222,857.49

Kara and Nate 

Kara and Nate run this blog on money saving travel tips. It was started in 2016. They have put a lot of focus on publishing YouTube videos and have managed to grow their subscriber number to 1.4 million!

July to September 2019 Income: $149,087.72

July to September 2019 Expenses: $26,896.95

July to September 2019 Net Profit: $123,530.77

By Sophia Lee

Sophia Lee blogs about college life, relationship tips and more. Although it took her about 5 months to start earning consistent income, in just a year and half she has been able to turn her website into a business that brings her thousands of dollars a month. And she has done this all while being a full-time college student. Sophia Lee shares the struggles and the overwhelm she felt while starting out. 

May 2019 Income: $12,379.67

May 2019 Traffic: 419,000 pageviews

Minding Minimal

Lees is a lifestyle blogger. She started blogging about beauty three years ago but really struggled with monetizing it. Once she changed the focus of her blog she was able to gain some momentum. In this income report she shares what is working for her and new things she is trying.

October 2019 Income: $1419.60

October 2019 Traffic: 11,133 pageviews

Butternut Bakery

Jenna started her Butternut Bakery blog in June 2018. While running this blog she also works a full-time job. The statistics below reflect her numbers from just under one year of blogging. She shares how she increased and prioritized her sponsorship outreach.

May 2019 Income: $5,041.45

May 2019 Expenses: $487.15

May 2019 Net Profit: $4554.30

May 2019 Traffic: 107,469 pageviews

Blog Ambitious

It took Victoria three years to reach this level of success. In this income report she shares how she diversifies her income so she is not relying on only a couple of monetization streams. She also shares her biggest tip for running a successful blog.

September 2019 Income: $9,731.03

September 2019 Traffic: 63,911 pageviews

Crochet 365

At Crochet 365, Cheryl shares how she has been able to turn her side gig into full-time income while still working a full-time job. 

April 2019 Income: $5286

Anastasia Blogger

I love watching Anastasia’s YouTube channel on Pinterest. She definitely knows her stuff. In this income report, she shares how she runs two blogs and had actually started her second blog to test her Pinterest strategies, which yielded very good results!

March 2019 Income: $8,336.62

March 2019 Traffic: 236,717 pageviews

Fit Mommy in Heels

Lauren shares fashion, fitness and parenting tips on her blog. Lauren does not blog full-time as she is a momma of three little ones. This income report reflects how she nearly doubled her income from August. 

September 2019 Income: $11,562.19

September 2019 Expenses: $77.53

September 2019 Net Profit: $11,484.66

bloggers that make money


And here is a quick list of a few more monthly income reports and stats from prior to 2019 that you might want to check out…

Income School
I can’t say enough about Jim and Ricky from Income School. I could definitely binge watch all their YouTube videos on a regular basis and often have to pull myself away to actually get some work done! In this video, they share how in one year they made over $1 million dollars on their sites and share how they have been working for years to get to this point. In this video, you will also learn how websites and blogs actually make money.

LoveFamilyHealth (Pinterest blog) – $11,974

House of Brazen (business blog) – $5,221.07

Blogging Her Way (business blog) – $1,157.78

Horkey HandBook (business blog) – $20,492

Rosevibe (business blog) – $17,934.17

XO Sarah (business blog) – $12,498

40 Aprons (food blog) – $12,374.72

Piping Pot Curry (food blog) – $5110.36

Jar of Lemons (food blog) – $1,121

Journey with Jess (travel and design blog)

Practical Wanderlust (travel blog) – $5,882.77

She Dreams of Alpine (travel blog) – $231

Adventure in You (travel blog) – $19,233

Living the Dream (travel blog) – $9,653

The Wherever Writer (travel blog) – $3,575.05

Get Away Couple (travel blog) – $3,029.03

Busy Budgeter (personal finance blog) – $86,438.83

Believe in a Budget (personal finance blog) – $18,128.60

Millennial Boss (personal finance blog) – $2,184

Hairs Out of Place (lifestyle blog) – $5,220

The Thought Journal (lifestyle blog) – $1257.89

The Shabby Creek Cottage (diy blog) – $25,319.87

Jennifer Maker (diy/craft/decor blog) – $15,158.72

Honeybear Lane (diy/design/decor blog) – $3,505.98

The Realistic Mom (mom blog) – $12,366

The Million Dollar Mama (mom blog) – $5680.50

Easy Baby Life (mom blog) – $4,310

Mommy to Max (mom blog) – $5,251.95

Fit Mom Journey (keto blog) – $10,124.75

Vigor it Out (fitness blog) – $1906.51

Melyssa Griffin (business blog) – $283,680

Allison Lindstrom (business blog) – $12,492.81

Sewrella (sewing blog) – $10,600.35

Thank you so much to all these entrepreneurs and bloggers for sharing their secrets of how they make money with their blogs and websites. The lessons learned from these income reports are invaluable and prove to be a great source of encouragement to many!

If you are looking to start your own blog or online business or looking to get help in an area related to blogging, Course Crave has some courses listed here that might help. We also have tons of free blogging courses to offer that you can access by signing up for the Ultimate Guide to 100+ Free Courses and Resources for Bloggers.

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