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I am excited to introduce you to our Stay the Course interview series with course creators.

As entrepreneurs, we all have times when we fail and are ready to throw in the towel. 

During those times, it might help to know that failing is often the key to success. Not being afraid to try new things despite the outcome, and trying again quickly if your attempts don’t work out, can be a determining factor for whether you reach success or not. Make it a goal to fail often, fail fast, and learn lessons along the way.

Hearing both the success and failure stories of others can be inspiring and encouraging. And gaining insight from the lessons learned by others in their business can be invaluable. That’s why I started the new Stay the Course interview series with course creators. This interview series showcases expert entrepreneurs and bloggers who have stayed the course and have reached or are on their way to reaching the success that matters to them, despite their failures. 

I will regularly be adding new interviews to this series. So come back often to hear more! And please be sure to share with others.

Thank you so much to all the interview guests for sharing your journey and your valuable insights!

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