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eBook Ninja

By: Megan Johnson of LoveFamilyHealth

This eBook Ninja course helps you learn how to write, create, market and sell a profitable eBook. If you are struggling with ways to monetize your blog you may benefit from creating an eBook.


ebook course


This post may contain affiliate links. Any purchases made through such links may result in Course Crave earning commissions, at no extra cost to you.


What is eBook Ninja?

The eBook Ninja online course, created by Megan Johnson of LoveFamilyHealth, is specifically designed to help bloggers learn how to profit from the creation of an eBook.


How will this course help me? 

Many bloggers wonder how to monetize their blog. One great option can be to create and sell digital products. Megan’s eBook online course will help you learn how to combine the sale of an eBook with the benefits of affiliate marketing.


What is included in the course?

Upon purchase you will receive:

  • Six chapters
  • Tutorial videos


What will I learn?

In this course you will learn:

  • How to write and create an eBook
  • How to keep making money after a sale
  • How to find and incorporate affiliate products and services
  • How to grow your email list
  • How to format an eBook
  • How to market and promote an eBook
  • How to set up delivery of your eBook
  • How to create a sales page and how to set a price for an eBook

And more!


Who is the course creator? 

Megan is a Pinterest marketing expert who runs a successful Pinterest education platform called LoveFamilyHealth.


Why choose eBook Ninja?

This course covers more than just writing an eBook. It not only teaches bloggers how to create an eBook, but also how to profit from one by going through each step including conception, marketing, affiliate marketing, pricing and more. In this easy to follow guide, you will be inspired and equipped with the tools necessary to make your eBook a success.


Who is this course for?

This course is for bloggers who are writing an eBook for the first time.


What is the level of this course: beginner, intermediate or advanced? 

This course is a beginner course.


What is the course format?

This eBook online course is delivered by email as a downloadable written guide. It is in chapter and video tutorial form.


What is the course content?

  • Chapter 1: 100+ eBook Topics for EVERY Niche!
  • Chapter 2: Finding Affiliates and How to Incorporate Them Into Your eBook!
  • Chapter 3: Writing, Proofreading and Formatting
  • Chapter 4: Marketing and Promotion
  • Chapter 5: Selling Your eBook
  • Chapter 6: Creating a Killer Sales Page and eBook Pricing


What is the cost?

Regular cost: $29.99

Visit LoveFamilyHealth for sale and bundle offers. Megan has some great savings available when purchasing more than one of her offers.


When is enrollment open?

Enrollment remains open for this course.


Is there after-sale support available?

Megan is available to answer any questions along the way and after completion of the course. She is happy to support her students and alumni and looks forward to them having success.


What if I am not happy with my purchase?

Megan does not offer refunds for her courses. All sales are final.


How long will I have access to this course?

You will have lifetime access to this course.


Is there a freebie available?

A free workshop called Let Pinterest Grow Your Email List is available at LoveFamilyHealth.


Also available by LoveFamilyHealth:


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