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Financial Freedom Jumpstart Workshop

By: Dr. Brenda of Early Exit Academy

Financial Freedom Jumpstart Workshop is a 14-week virtual course with live coaching from Dr. Brenda. Each Workshop takes 20 students on a step-by-step journey to financial freedom and comes with individualized coaching and a supportive community.

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Five Steps to Financial Freedom



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This post may contain affiliate links. Any purchases made through such links may result in Course Crave earning commissions, at no extra cost to you.



This limited seating course is targeted to those who are highly motivated to build financial independence, willing to work hard, want a different life, and open to changing their habits and mindsets. It’s a super-charged 14 weeks that includes recorded online lessons, weekly group coaching calls, 5 masterclasses, and 1 individual coaching session. 

The course comes with four bonuses, including an Early Exit Academy cap when you graduate!

Completion of this course will help you:

  • Increase your net worth
  • Set your FREEDOM date – you determine WHEN to leave the workforce
  • Conquer debt – and stop worrying about money
  • Build your dream life



Dr. Brenda is a financial coach, educator, researcher, and sociologist who wants you to succeed. She dealt with adversity and managed to build a $1,000,000 net worth, on one income and as a single mom. Dr. Brenda takes a holistic, personalized, and supportive approach to help her students reach their wildest dreams.



Students will learn how to:

  • Find their purpose
  • Develop an abundance mindset
  • Align their spending with priorities
  • Calculate their net worth
  • Establish good  habits
  • Set SMARTER goals
  • Calculate their “freedom numbers”
  • Create a workable budget based on personality
  • Improve their credit score
  • Pay off debt fast
  • Boost their income
  • Navigate the world of side hustles
  • Cut their “big 3” expenses
  • Invest wisely
  • Protect their assets
  • Design their dream life



Five units will be covered in 14 weeks:

Unit 1 – Start your Journey

Unit 2 – Create a Winning Lifestyle

Unit 3 – Climb out of Debt

Unit 4 – Grow the Gap

Unit 5 – Jumpstart your Dreams






There is a 21-day no questions asked satisfaction guaranteed refund available for this course.









The purchase of this course provides the student with lifetime access to it.



14 weeks




Is the Workshop live?

Yes! Each Saturday morning we open the new week’s lessons and downloads. All of our mastermind classes and weekly group calls are live. 

Here is the schedule we use in our 14-week course:

    New Lessons released every Saturday morning.

    Weekly Group Lessons with Q&As – Mondays @ 7:00 pm ET

    Mastermind Classes (weeks 2, 4, 7, 9, and 13) – Thursdays @ 7:00 pm ET

    One-on-One Coaching Call – scheduled at your convenience


What if I miss the calls or have to take a week off?

All video calls are recorded, so you can view them at a time that is convenient to you. If you need to take some time off during the 14-week course, you can catch up. We encourage Workshop participants to get a jump on “homework” by working on the materials soon after they are released.


What do I need to participate?

You’ll need a strong desire to reach financial freedom to complete this course. Logistically, all of the course material is housed in a course management system (TalentLMS) and can be easily accessed by mobile device, tablet, or computer. You’ll need high-speed Internet access to load the Workshop materials. Plus, you need a Facebook account to join our private Jumpstart Workshop group.


The Workshops include Accountability Groups. Can you tell me more?

Sure! In week #1 we ask you to complete a form with some basic information. We take that information and create groups of four. One of our key factors is geographic location, so we’ll try to connect you with others who live in the same region or time zone. We provide you with contact information for your group and invite you to connect with one another for support and to keep one another on track.


Is it too late for me?

If you’re in your 50s or 60s, it’s NOT TOO LATE! The methods used in the Workshop can skyrocket you to a healthy balance sheet. If you’re older, you’ll have to pick up the pace, but you’ll have all the tools you need. You CAN build financial freedom – at any age.


What makes the Jumpstart Workshop different from other personal finance courses?

The Workshops offers a simplified and straightforward process that cuts through the confusion and complexity of finances. But more importantly, Dr. Brenda integrates the psychological, social, and financial steps that will help you build a joyful and rewarding life. It’s about designing a new life – money is the tool. Our Workshops are very hands-on and include group coaching. We give you the support, motivation, tools, and coaching that is lacking from the typical talking-head finance course.




“If you keep thinking you’ll start ‘saving more’ but just never seem to get started, THIS is the course to get you started.” Tracy P.S.


“I’m thrilled that I found this course because it’s about so much more than just the money. It’s a holistic deep-dive into what I want my days and years to look like, and by giving me access to the most recent research with logical steps to follow it has given me more freedom, confidence, and empowerment than I could’ve imagined before embarking on this journey.” Michelle L.



Join the free webinar called Five Steps to Financial Freedom.




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