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Blogging SEO Academy

By: Feuza Reis of Get Found with Fuse

In the Blogging SEO Academy by Feuza Reis of Get Found with Fuse creative entrepreneurs and bloggers will learn how to optimize their website and blog posts so that they can get found online by new clients.

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Payment plan of 3 payments of $120


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This post may contain affiliate links. Any purchases made through such links may result in Course Crave earning commissions, at no extra cost to you.



The Blogging SEO Academy is a 4 week on demand online course to help you optimize your website and blog posts so you can get found online by new clients. It is especially focused on teaching SEO to photographers, creative entrepreneurs and bloggers.



  • What SEO is and how search engines work
  • How to build an amazing keyword list for your business, allowing you to outrank your competition and get found online
  • How to optimize your blog pages to make sure you blog/website is recognized by Google
  • How to sign up for Google business listing and about local SEO
  • How to create content pages that will give you an extra boost with search engines
  • What content marketing is and how to develop a content marketing strategy
  • How to blog with SEO in mind and optimize your blog so that Google ranks your blog posts
  • How to get on a schedule to make sure you are keeping up with SEO in your workflow
  • How to install Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools
  • How to interpret Google Analytics and make use of it

And much more!



WeeK 1 – Laying Down the Foundations:

  • Intro to Course
  • Pre-H.W.
  • What is SEO? How do Search Engines Work?
  • Intro to Keywords
  • SEO Basic Vocab
  • Week 1 Downloads
  • Beginner’s Guide to Creating Keyword List for SEO PDF

Week 2 – Blogsite Optimization:

  • Welcome Video – Blog vs Blogsite
  • Categories Clean Up
  • Content Ideas for Categories & Blog Posts
  • How Google Views Our Site
  • User Friendly Blogsite Structure
  • Website Structure Sheet
  • WordPress SEO Basic Set Up, Yoast Installation & Set Up
  • Blogsite Audit
  • Optimizing Your Blogsite Pages
  • Yoast SEO Examples PDF
  • Wix Video Academy
  • Week 2 Downloads

Week 3 – Blogging SEO:

  • Intro to Week 3
  • Important Parts of a Blog Post
  • Image Optimization
  • SEO Rename Cheatsheet
  • Image Optimization – Lightroom Example
  • Blogging with SEO in Mind
  • Week 3 Workbook

Week 4 – Analytics and Ranking:

  • Setting Up Google Analytics
  • Tracking Plugins – Connecting to WordPress
  • Killer Content PDF
  • Week 4 Checklist
  • Important Parts of Google Analytics Part 1
  • Google Analytics Part 2

2019 Updates:

  • Websites for Keywords & LSI
  • Tania Wicks Website Review Video & Checklist
  • Tania’s Loom Video with Questions


  • Google Business Listing and Getting Reviews
  • How to Create Killer Content Webinar
  • Five Ways to Get New Keywords
  • Local SEO eBook 2018
  • Yoast Plugin for Blogging
  • LSI Keyword Research Part 1
  • LSI Keyword Research Part 2
  • Redirecting Broken Links

Webinar Replay Vault:

  • Backlinks & Online Directories
  • Content Ideas for 2017
  • Social Proof
  • Competition Analysis



  • 33 training videos (2 hours and 53 minutes, plus 2 hrs and 50 minutes of bonuses)
  • 12 files
  • 2 text files
  • Weekly action items with checklists



  • Private Facebook group where you can get answers to your questions, as well as website reviews in the group (Feuza has monthly office hours in the group)
  • Downloadable worksheets



Feuza is a blogger, mom, SEO teacher and lover of travel. She helps photographers and small creative businesses understand what Google wants and how to get more traffic.

Feuza states: “My true passion is to equip creative solopreuneurs and bloggers with practical DIY SEO training so they can remove the layers of fears and doubts when it comes to understanding what Google wants. I want you to be empowered and feel confident when marketing your business.”



Upon purchase you will receive lifetime access, including future updates (particularly for large Google or technology updates).



This course is spaced out as a 4 week on demand course but can be completed at your own pace.



Keyword Strategy Mini Free Course
5 Local SEO Tips Free Training



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Google My Business Bootcamp
Holiday Market Pow Wow: Get Fully Booked Out for the Holidays
How to Get a Freakin’ Green on Yoast: Learn How to Master the Yoast SEO Plugin
Local SEO Bundle: Includes Google My Business Bootcamp and Local SEO Guide
Local SEO Guide
Senior Keyword Kit: Keywords for Senior Photography 
Senior Style Guide Bundle: Includes Blogging SEO Masterclass and Senior Keyword Kit
SSG – Local SEO Bundle: Includes Google My Business Bootcamp, Local SEO Guide and Senior Keyword Kit


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