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Product Packaging and Presentation

By: The Artisan Group

Learn some of the top tips for creating wonderful packaging for your products while enhancing customer experience.

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product packaging design


This post may contain affiliate links. Any purchases made through such links may result in Course Crave earning commissions, at no extra cost to you.



First impressions are everything! When you are a small business that sells directly to customers online, your first impression is your packaging. Learn from The Artisan Group‘s real life small business owners the best tips and tricks to make your packaging and presentation really shine.

Through this course you will see real life examples from small businesses like yourself as well as a special vendor list of top rated vendors that can help your product packaging really stand out.



  • Everything you need to include in your product packaging
  • How to create the perfect packaging on a budget
  • Special vendor list of awesome packaging suppliers



What’s Inside Matters

    • First things first, we know this is a course about packaging but we want to ensure you have everything necessary INSIDE your package for maximum customer loyalty

Handle With Care

    • Whether or not your items are extremely fragile, you should always package in a way that ensures a safe transport

Everyday vs Holiday

Experienced Visitors

    • We’ll share with you some of our favorite vendors who we know have great quality products
    • SURPRISE BONUS! Some of our vendors have provided you with special discount codes


    • Examples are key! We are going to show you some amazing designs from real small businesses, to inspire you to create the best packaging you can for your business
    • Bonus tips



The Artisan Group was founded by Valerie Guerrero who is an American businesswoman and award-winning graphic designer. The Artisan Group is an entertainment marketing organization whose mission is to introduce Hollywood to the best-of-the-best in handcrafted products. Valerie has helped hundreds of artisans gain exposure over the past nine years for their artisan-made goods through product placement on television shows.

The Artisan Group states:“We’re also known in the entertainment industry as the go-to source for artisan-made jewelry and accessories. To date, The Artisan Group has placed over 1,000 artisan products, created by our members, on over 70 hit television shows.”

And also states: “Through The Artisan Group’s coaching platform, you learn from REAL small business owners! We know what you have gone through to create your business and we want to help you make the most out of your company.”

Learn more about The Artisan Group in the About Us link found here.






There is no refund available for this course.






September 2019



This course can typically be completed in one day’s time.



No special equipment is required for this course.



Product Packaging Checklist

Elevator Pitch Checklist


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