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How to Become A Transcriptionist: Learn How Krista Did It and What She Loves About Being a Transcriptionist in this Transcribe Anywhere Review

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Welcome to the first of Course Crave’s student case studies, starting with how to become a transcriptionist. These case studies are in the format of interview Q&As and serve as student success stories and course reviews for courses featured on Course Crave. 

When considering investing in a course, there is nothing better than to hear firsthand from real students. All of the student cast study interviews have been conducted by Course Crave and will give you genuine and honest answers from the students themselves. 

Thank you so much to all the students who have participated!


I find that when searching for work from home ideas it is hard to discover legitimate career paths that will lead to real work that I would actually enjoy doing. 

Thankfully, the surge of online courses has opened up so many possibilities to start a new work from home career without the need to go back to college or university. 

For some great ideas on how you can work from home, including the free training to get you started visit here.

One of the options listed on Course Crave is general transcription. General transcription is the work of transcribing audio to text, other than legal or medical transcription. 

General transcriptionists can earn around $45,000 annually, with potential to expand your work to make much more than this. And all of this can be done within the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule and with being your own boss. It also enables you to start a profitable career with low startup costs and very low monthly maintenance costs for your business.

To learn more about being a transcriptionist please see The Truth About Transcription where Janet Shaughnessy clarifies what transcription work is all about by dispelling 15 common myths.

If you are interested in seeing if transcription is for you, check out Janet’s free General Transcription Mini Course. If you would like to learn more and hear a student success story in this Transcribe Anywhere review, keep reading below…


Krista Ames of KMTranscripts has completed the Transcribe Anywhere General Transcription Theory and Practice course. In this interview with Krista, you will learn what motivated her to become a transcriptionist, what she loves about the job, why she recommends the Transcribe Anywhere General Transcription course and much more! 


Can you please start by telling my audience a little bit about yourself? What was your life like before taking the course?

Before discovering transcription, I spent a number of years working different jobs. I worked at a store, at a nursing home as a housekeeper, and at a couple of different dog daycare/boarding facilities.

What motivated you to seek training in this field? How were you feeling beforehand?

At my previous jobs, I worked really hard, was often stressed, had to drive to work through snow and ice before dawn, and got tired of unappreciative or downright bad management. When I first heard about transcription as a career, I was immediately interested and began researching it. It seemed like something that would be up my alley. I was able to pass the skill test for an entry-level transcription company. After finding that I very much enjoyed the work, I knew I wanted to get some quality training before taking it to the next level and putting myself out there as a freelancing professional seeking my own clients.

Why did you choose this particular course?

Transcribe Anywhere stood out to me from everything else as I did my research. From the free mini course to the description of the course itself to the promise of lifetime support in the Facebook group and lifetime access to course updates, it sounded like the most solid choice and legitimately worth spending money on. I was not disappointed!

What was your number one goal in taking this course? What were you hoping to get out of it?

I was particularly interested in learning how to transcribe using Word and regular transcription software instead of my company’s in-browser editor and also how to go about freelancing and seeking my own clients.


How long did it take you to complete the course?

I took roughly a year to complete the course. It can be completed quite a bit faster (in a few months), but I was only able to devote limited time to it and I also opted to stop for a while in the middle to do some extra detailed studying of English. One of the great things about the course is being able to work through completely at your own pace!

What was the most valuable thing you learned in the course?

I’m extremely grateful that the course brought to my attention the fact that I could stand to study some details of English. Despite English always having been my strong subject, I found by diving thoroughly into the course’s recommended resources that I still had plenty to learn. Strong English skills are important for producing professional-quality transcripts, and I also enjoy writing as a hobby, so I found lots of value in the extra studying that I did. I also very much value the guidance that the course provided in embarking on a freelance career and seeking out clients.

Did you meet your number one goal as a result of taking this course?

Yes. With the Transcribe Anywhere course, I learned everything I set out to and more!

Did you feel like the course covered everything you needed to know about starting a successful business as a transcriptionist?

Yes. The course did a great job providing guidance and also provides access to a Facebook group where you can get all sorts of additional help and advice, not only while progressing through the course but when you’re working too!

What did you like about the course?

What’s NOT to like? You get thorough instructions on using transcription software, lots of transcription practice, reviews of English, studying resources, responsive support staff that’s always ready to answer your questions, and an active online group. It’s a great package to set you up for success.

Is there anything you wish was different about the course?

I really can’t think of anything I would change.

How long did it take you to make enough to pay for the cost of the course?

That took me about 2-3 weeks.

What do you think could help students make the most out of this course?

Don’t rush through it. Take your time and absorb as much as you can. You especially want to make sure you master proper punctuation. Make use of the recommended resources for studying/practicing, and make use of the support staff and online group! There’s lots to learn and lots of help available.

“Five stars! It’s a quality course and is held in high regard by a number of transcription companies for good reason.” – Krista of KMTranscripts


When did you start your business?

I was already working for an entry-level transcription company, and then after graduating, I began planning and building my website and following tips from the course for finding clients. Within a couple months of graduating, my website was up and I was starting to get clients. I chose to focus on building my website first, but it’s definitely possible to start reaching out to potential clients before working on that.

What are your business related monthly expenses?

The only regular expenses I have are the Google Ads I choose to pay for for my website, plus minor expenses related to keeping my website up and running and my business email.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

I choose to wake up without an alarm most of the time, a blessing I never used to have! After breakfast and checking personal emails and accounts, I check my business email and my LinkedIn. I may spend a little bit of time sending out connection requests and messages on LinkedIn. Then I dive into transcribing, taking breaks throughout the day to get up and do things around the house, have lunch, and go to the gym. I aim for a total of 6-8 hours of work daily, although sometimes I take shorter or longer days. Since I’m a bit of a night owl, I often enjoy completing my work at nighttime after dinner.

What do you love about your career?

Everything! I love the freedom of working my own schedule. I love that I don’t have to make myself get up painfully early and drive to work in winter conditions. I love that I get to use my English skills and my typing skills. As a major introvert, I love that I get to work from home without the stress of social interaction. My communication with clients is strictly through typing emails, and I’m far more eloquent that way than I ever am when speaking, so I find that my confidence on a daily basis is higher. I also love that I get to learn about a wide variety of things from the different types of files I transcribe. It’s far from a boring job.

What are some challenges you face with your career?

Building your own client base and a steady workflow from that can be slow going. I recommend working for a transcription company in the meantime while you work on establishing your own client base.

Is it hard/easy to find clients?

It can take some time and I wouldn’t say it’s easy, but it’s not too hard if you know what you’re doing and you’re persistent in putting out the effort!

What are your current goals as a business owner? Do you feel the knowledge you gained from the course will help you achieve these goals?

My only current goal is to have enough work for myself to keep busy with full-time work from my own clients. Currently, I still fill in my gaps in workflow by transcribing for a transcription company. And yes, the course definitely did everything needed to prepare me and set me up for success on this journey.


Who would you recommend the Transcribe Anywhere course to?

I would recommend this course in particular to folks who are good at English, who have patience (as transcription does often require patience for relistening to difficult things and proofreading your work), attention to detail, and a good ear. Transcribing isn’t something just anyone can do and it’s not an easy buck, but to those with the right skill set and with the strong desire and self-discipline to make working from home work, it’s a dream come true! This course will help you with honing those skills and gaining the knowledge you need to be successful out there, plus will provide you with a certificate to let clients know that you know your stuff!

How many stars would you rate this course out of five?

Five stars! It’s a quality course and is held in high regard by a number of transcription companies for good reason.


Thank you so much to Krista for sharing with us her journey through this course and for giving us a glimpse into her life as a transcriptionist in this Transcribe Anywhere review.

If you liked this interview and Transcribe Anywhere review, please share on social media. If you are considering becoming a transcriptionist, sign up for the Transcribe Anywhere free General Transcription mini course. And if you are ready to start training as a transcriptionist consider the General Transcription: Theory and Practice course.

And for more work from home ideas, see Free Courses to Start a Work from Home or Freelance Business.

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